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When life if stressful and you need a resource sooner rather than later, have a look below at the clinicians on the team at Balance. Each currently has an immediate opening.

Katie Lynne Bazzoni LPC Associate Supervised by June Williams TX #68811

I am a builder. Not in the same literal architectural manner as the generations of family members that have gone before me but rather in a relational context – building up individuals, relationships, families, and communities. I am passionate about coming alongside you and joining in your pursuits for increased health and wellness, development of continual insight and self-awareness, and the desire to cultivate deeper connection and satisfaction in relationships.

Through the years, I have been honored to witness the healing power of therapy when established within the context of mutual respect, trust, intentionality, curiosity, and emotional safety. As a psychotherapist, I am committed to demonstrating in action and in word that you are seen, known, accepted, worthy of care and support, and capable of leading the life that you want.

Katie Lynne Bazzoni

This is what I think…

I have come to believe that more often than not, our problems are interpersonal in nature and therefore relationships are the catalyst for change. Through our collaborative therapeutic work, I will meet you where you are at and together we will design your treatment plan tailored specifically for you.
Session by session we will determine what is needed in the moment and explore thoughts, behaviors, emotions, patterns of relationships, fears, and anything else that may be causing distress.

We can sort through it together.

Together we will sort through the messiness of life and engage in honest self-evaluation of what is and is not working for you. You can feel resilient and better equipped to navigate life’s uncertainties.

Emotions can be experienced and processed without fear or judgment.

In times of confusion, we will work towards clarity and understanding.

In the areas that you feel “stuck”, you will be empowered to elicit change.

It is possible to improve your quality of life!

I encourage you to invest in yourself and trust the process.

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Let’s build together.
Here’s how to connect, call me at 512-920-2732 or email me at