Individual Therapy


I cannot fix everyone!

I’m just going insane. I swear I’m giving it my all but everyone around me insists on doing it their own
way. It’s like I’m responsible for everyone, but I don’t even get the credit for when things are going

I am so exhausted, and I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I feel so selfish for trying to do this “self-care” stuff because everyone just needs so much from me.
My guilt monster popped up and ate at me the whole time I was getting a massage last week.
What’s the point in that?

I am so worried about everyone. I feel sick when I think about it, but so helpless because I can’t make
them change.

I can’t make anyone change!…

IndividualSound like you?

Let’s talk about how you get tangled up in what probably belongs to others in your life and figure out how you can get your “self” back.

That’s what therapy can do – get you from being responsible for others into being responsible to you and your values. This will allow you to love others and care for them even deeper (and with less resentment!).

Want to feel less anxious?

Therapy can help with that, too. Mindfulness, increasing resources, awareness of one’s body and working on clarifying where you end and where others begin will be part of the work to manage anxiety symptoms.

Don’t let this opportunity move past to work on YOU so you can love others even better. You know something is off balance and that you can’t sustain this pace. Give me a call, and let’s see if we might be a good fit to get you back to you.