Who am I?

Funny enough that’s the question I’ll be working on with you.

Who are you?

We can get by in life far enough with only a vague understanding of who we are, what we want and where we are going. At some point, something happens and that foggy idea of “who we are” seems to no longer be enough.

What is that for you?

The marriage that feels more like roommates? The explosion of anger that has you catching the look of fear in your child’s eye, not at the monster under their bed, but at you? The process of growing your family that looks nothing at all like you imagined?

When suffering or disillusionment comes along, our sense of self can be a mist that we reach out to grab hold of and come up empty-handed.

Or we connect to the deep core of us to stabilize the rough patches and give us direction.

Do I stay, or do I go? Do we do another round of IVF? If I don’t want to be this rageful version of myself, who do I want to be?

I have to say, you’re asking some great questions! These are just the questions we will be discussing in therapy. My systems perspective will have my curiosity focused on your values and your answer to ‘Who am I?’

This means you’ll come to my comfortable, soothing setting in Cedar Park. You will sit with me for about an hour a week, and we will discover together. Most people stick around in therapy with me for a while.

About MeAbout Me

So, you came to this page to learn about me.

I’ll tell you I’m deeply invested in uncovering who you want to be in this world and helping you live that out. I’ll never ask you do anything I am not currently doing or haven’t done in the past. Yes, I go to therapy, too!

I’ve been helping people like you for the past 8+ years and plan to do this until I’m 80. My husband of almost 10 years and I live in Georgetown with our two little ones and one furry one.