Anger Management


“I cannot believe it happened again. I feel like such a monster. The way my voice turns and the look on my little one’s face tells me that I’m not the person I thought I was.

“I just feel so disrespected around here. No one listens, and no one takes my opinion seriously. I work so hard and what do I get in return? More hard work, attitude, complaining!

“I don’t even know how this happens, these explosions. They really come out of nowhere, and then I’m standing in a pile of ash as all my family is picking up the pieces of “another episode.” I’m not even the person I want to be any more, but I just don’t know how to stop this Hulk from appearing.”

Not BrokenLet’s start by saying you’re not broken.

You’re not a monster.

Anger comes from hurt. It comes from feeling disrespected, misunderstood and rejected.

Most often people don’t know they are hurt until anger shows up.

Like a tidal wave rushing up from within. Racing heart, tight chest, clenched jaw, sour stomach. Then the words spill out. There’s no taking them back, and you can see the damage they’re doing.

This can go different.

My work will be to uncover the fuel source for the anger and attend to the healthy requests some part of you is making so that we can diffuse the bomb.

There’s so much shame and embarrassment around anger. We can work to dismantle that piece as well.

Get you back into being able to look in the mirror and have your own self-respect. The goal is not to “mellow” you out, but to send all your fantastic energy and passion into something productive.

Find a version of yourself you’re proud of.

Give me a call and let’s see if we might be a good fit.