San Marcos Postpartum Counseling

Giving birth is often one of the most special times in a new mother’s life, but it often comes with a slew of other emotions, which is why Balance Mental Health Counseling is standing by to provide you with reliable San Marcos postpartum counseling.

Most people already understand the concept of postpartum depression, when mothers grapple with depression and other negative feelings after giving birth to a child that they have carried for potentially nine months. However, many mothers that experience it feel shame.

Women can be incredibly vulnerable in this state, which is why postpartum counseling in San Marcos TX is so important. If you are someone that is experiencing this, it’s important to talk to someone instead of internalizing everything you’re feeling.

June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor is a great resource when you’re looking for San Marcos postpartum counseling. She is a trained therapist with a decade of experience and she would love to meet with you and help you sort through your feelings of self-doubt, anxiety and depression.


Lean on June Williams for effective postpartum counseling in San Marcos TX

Postpartum depression is an issue with a couple different components, which makes it even more complicated.

  • Physical: Women undergo a drastic shifting of hormones after they give birth. This chemical imbalance can be one of the primary reasons that women experience such a wide range of emotions.
  • Emotional: At the same time, many women report feeling overwhelmed after giving birth. They are now tasked with taking care of a new baby, which relies on them for everything. It can be easy for a mother to doubt herself or feel ill-equipped. June can walk through your emotions during postpartum counseling in San Marcos TX.

Postpartum depression can be even more difficult if you’re someone with no support system — no one to talk to or to lend a hand in shouldering the load. Balance Mental Health Counseling wants to be that support system!

Learn more about our San Marcos postpartum counseling — and other counseling services that we provide – by connecting with Balance Mental Health Counseling right now. Don’t take this on by yourself!