San Marcos Couples Counseling

Reconnect with your significant other with the help of Balance Mental Health Counseling and our San Marcos couples counseling. We provide two different programs that are designed for couples of all dynamics.

Whether your relationship is hanging by a thread or you’re on great terms with your partner but want to be proactive about dodging common conflicts, June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor at Balance Mental Health Counseling is ready to work with you. She creates a safe, judgement-free environment for couples to air out their feelings and facilitate communication that is so important for the health of a relationship.


About our couples counseling in San Marcos TX

How often do you and your significant other find yourselves openly talking about your relationship — all the things that might be good and bad about it? That’s not something that we always find time for, and it’s important in creating a strong relationship.

That’s what our San Marcos couples counseling is for. Balance Mental Health Counseling not only creates a non-threatening environment for you and your significant other, but June provides excellent perspective as the third party in the room. She will facilitate constructive dialogue while acting as a sounding board for both parties.

Thanks to her decade of experience providing couples counseling in San Marcos TX, June is able to provide different perspectives that often help clients see a conflict in a different light. Counseling is not reserved for couples whose relationship is on proverbial life support. All types of couples can benefit from this important exercise.


Why Balance Mental Health Counseling?

June Williams and her team at Balance Mental Health Counseling are passionate about their work and knowledgeable when it comes to couples counseling. She works with couples of all kinds, equipping them with the tools and strategies needed to, not just right the ship in their relationships, but to maintain a strong relationship moving forward.

Whether you’ve considered San Marcos couples counseling in the past or not, we invite you to connect with our team and schedule a time to talk. Great relationships don’t happen by accident. June and her staff want to help you and your partner connect.