San Antonio Relationship Counseling

Many couples, regardless of their age or phase in life, shy away from seeking San Antonio relationship counseling because they figure it would be a sign of a failed relationship.

Here at Balance Mental Health Counseling, we are working to erase the false and preconceived notions about relationship counseling and showing our clients how beneficial it can be. Relationships take work — it’s as simple as that!

If you want to coast through life with your partner without ever intentionally communicating with each other, that will rarely lead to a healthy relational dynamic. That’s why June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor is so passionate about her work providing relationship counseling in San Antonio TX.

Through June and Balance Mental Health Counseling, couples of all kinds can work through their existing problems or even go through proactive steps to avoid future conflict. June provides both a Couples Restart program and Getting Back To Easy (a Couples Intensive Curriculum), catering to the varying needs of couples.


Get judgement-free, insightful San Antonio relationship counseling

Ask anyone who has been in a relationship for a prolonged period of time and they will likely tell you that various forms of conflict are unavoidable. We’re all humans, with human emotions. No two people are ever going to get along perfectly with each other all the time.

Balance Mental Health Counseling’s relationship counseling in San Antonio TX is designed to promote intentional dialogue between couples so that they can have effective, productive communication. So many problems arise simply from the fact that couples don’t communicate with each other. When they do, they are able to empathize with each other and understand where the other is coming from.

June will apply her extensive experience working with couples to help you meet your relationship goals. Whether you’re preparing to get married or have been married for decades, June will provide you with the tools to fortify your relationship.


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June Williams and her team are ready to have a thoughtful conversation with you — we’re here to help. Talk to us more about San Antonio relationship counseling by connecting with us via phone or through our online contact form.