San Antonio Marital Counseling

If you are someone that is not satisfied in their marriage, it might be time to connect with a qualified resource for San Antonio marital counseling.

It’s ok to admit that your marriage isn’t perfect — none of them are. It’s even fair to admit that you’re not happy. Seeking marital counseling in San Antonio TX isn’t a sign that your marriage is doomed to fail. In fact, in many ways, it’s a sign that you care enough about your marriage to work at it — and our team will work alongside you!


About Balance Mental Health Counseling

Here at Balance Mental Health Counseling, we are led by June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor, who carries a decade of experience working with adults, teens and children both in individual and group formats.

June can provide you with San Antonio marital counseling that will work to identify the conflicts plaguing your marriage, trace the root cause of those conflicts and then go to work correcting them. She promotes healthy conversation between spouses and also can equip you with strategies you can implement at home on a daily basis.

June is joined by a team of talented therapists that are also qualified to provide you with marital counseling in San Antonio TX. With this extensive roster of industry-leading professionals, we can provide a wide range of availability so that you don’t have to wait to get the counseling that you and your marriage needs.

We also provide our counseling services for manageable fees and we are goal-oriented. We want our counseling to help you and your spouse progress and make improvements to your marriage so that it can endure for the long run.


Schedule marital counseling in San Antonio TX

June and the rest of the team at Balance Mental Health Counseling are looking forward to sitting down with you and your spouse to explore ways to make your relationship stronger than ever before. You can turn back the clock on your marriage and restore that passion and communication you once had. Let us help you find the way through San Antonio marital counseling.