Round Rock Postpartum Counseling

The weeks, or even months, following the birth of a child can be fraught with different emotions, and here at Balance Mental Health Counseling, we want to help you process those emotions through our Round Rock postpartum counseling service.

June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor is founder of Balance Mental Health Counseling, providing a wide range of counseling services. Not only does this include postpartum counseling in Round Rock TX, but June also works with couples, individuals and virtually anyone else that might be in a tough spot in their lives.

June is highly experienced, providing counseling services for nearly a decade and doing so for a long list of clients. She has a passion for the work and it shows in her endless pursuit to help families.


We offer Round Rock postpartum counseling

Postpartum mood issues are common and treatable. This makes it important for you to understand the signs of postpartum depression and seek help in the event you might be going through it.

At Balance Mental Health Counseling, June provides postpartum counseling in Round Rock TX that will help you process the emotions you are feeling, tracing the root cause and help you learn coping mechanisms and other strategies to get through them.

It’s important for you to be there for your baby — postpartum mood challenges can make that difficult. June is excited to talk to you and welcome you into the comfortable confines of Balance Mental Health Counseling to gain insight into your feelings.


We love working with new parents

Having a child is a major life event, so of course it’s going to come with a lot of emotion and change. Through our Round Rock postpartum counseling, you can be prepared for that change and gather the resources you’ll need. By learning methods of dealing with this transition, you will find that you are mentally healthier while, at the same time, showing up with more of your presence. Connect with June and her team right now and let’s get started.