Round Rock Marital Counseling

Could your marriage use Round Rock marital counseling? If you’re being honest with yourself, then the answer is yes. That’s because, no matter how strong you might consider your relationship to be, there is always room for improvement.

Here at Balance Mental Health Counseling, June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor and the rest of her team are dedicated to providing spouses with our marital counseling in Round Rock TX in order to strengthen their relationships.

Whether you’re going through a volatile time of conflict or your marriage has been on proverbial cruise control for years, you can still benefit from working with our team. Strong, fulfilling marriages take work. Balance Mental Health Counseling will provide you with the tools you need to fortify your relationship.


Are you looking for Round Rock marital counseling?

Some couples come to us because they can’t stop fighting with each other. Other couples are in a good spot in their relationship — and they want to stay there. There is always room for more communication in a marriage and, under the guidance of June and her team, you can bring that to yours.

Below you will find some relatively common issues that plague marriages. If you have experienced these, it might be time to connect with our staff and do something about it.

  • Roommate syndrome: This is a quite common one — when spouses no longer feel like intimate partners, rather, just a couple of roommates. This shows that you feel indifferent about your spouse and the passion has likely evaporated completely.
  • Constant fighting: When the only communication with your spouse is fighting, that’s a red flag. But, it doesn’t have to doom your marriage. A lot of spouses fight. June and her team will help you find more constructive ways to communicate and de-escalate situations.
  • Past trauma: Has one spouse in your marriage been unfaithful? Do they carry emotional baggage from previous relationships? Our marital counseling in Round Rock TX will help you unpack all the emotions associated with past trauma and properly process it so that it stops acting as a hindrance in your marriage.

Explore our Round Rock marital counseling further by connecting with a member of our team. Balance Mental Health Counseling is here to help you improve your marriage.