Round Rock Individual Counseling

If you are someone that is struggling to process certain emotions, or have encountered an especially challenging phase in life, then we invite you to connect with June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor and her team at Balance Mental Health Counseling, where we are proud to provide Round Rock individual counseling.

June Williams, who has worked in this industry for a decade, specializes working alongside men, women, teens and children of all walks of life, acting as a sounding board and third-party, objective advisor when it comes to dealing with emotional struggles.

Everyone deserves to have someone to talk to, but sometimes it’s not always easy to talk to a friend or family member. That’s when June’s individual counseling in Round Rock TX makes perfect sense — she’s willing to act as the support system that you need.


Seek out Round Rock individual counseling — talk to someone about what you’re going through

Pursuing an objective sounding board where one can digest the stress of life can be a rich resource. Life is stressful and most people feel more alone with this than is working for them, that’s one reason individual counseling in Round Rock TX is so important for men, women and teens that have encountered difficult situations in their lives.

In fact, clients often seek counseling for a number of relatively common reasons, including:

  • Traumatic or stressful life events. The emotional impact of traumatic life events can stick with you for a long time. The death of a loved one or maybe even an injurious accident are two such examples. If you have struggled through a life event, June is ready to help you process it and put it in the past where it belongs.
  • Major life transitions. Are you having a child? Switching jobs? Moving across the country? With major life decisions comes a variety of emotions. Through her Round Rock individual counseling, June will work with you to process these emotions while helping you make a decision that is best for you.
  • Mental health issues. If you are someone that grapples with mental health problems, then please don’t hesitate to connect with June, who can help you manage the impact of your condition.

June Williams is proud to provide supportive Round Rock individual counseling for anyone that needs it. If that’s you, connect with us now.