Round Rock Family Therapists

Welcome to Balance Mental Health Counseling, where our Round Rock family therapists would like to work with you to address any pressing issues or dysfunction that might be present within your family right now.

While many people assume that all families feature a little bit of dysfunction — it’s important that you are intentional about addressing any relational issues that crop up in your family. Too often, families are split apart because of a rift or disconnect that has formed within the family.

You don’t have to let it come to that, and Balance Mental Health Counseling’s family therapists in Round Rock TX are ready to help you find solutions.


What is causing issues in your family?

No family is perfect. Families have to juggle a variety of personalities and relationship dynamics, making conflict somewhat common. However, this conflict doesn’t have to be deep-seated and disruptive to the harmony in your family. If you are starting to notice heated conflicts show up in your family, then connect with our Round Rock family therapists.

We are trained to identify these problems, trace their root cause and then work with your family to find ways to heal this divide. It doesn’t happen overnight, and in some cases the challenges are insurmountable. However, Balance Mental Health Counseling does provide an effective avenue in which to bring families closer together and enhance communication.

With the help of our family therapists in Round Rock TX, you can finally address common issues like:

  • Divorce
  • Inconsistent parenting
  • Domestic abuse
  • Death of a family member
  • Chronic illness of a family member
  • Sibling rivalries

While thoughtful, honest communication isn’t guaranteed to cure all ills, it’s a step in the right direction. Our Round Rock family therapists want to guide your family to a more fulfilling relationship. We are proud to provide flexible scheduling options and maintain a comfortable, pressure-free environment in which to engage in these important conversations. Connect with Balance Mental Health Counseling. Founder June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor would be happy to talk to you more about our wide range of counseling services.