Round Rock Couples Counseling

So, you’ve decided to seek out Round Rock couples counseling. That’s a big step — and one that will almost always improve your relationship as time moves along. However, the big dilemma is figuring out who to trust for this important work.

While there is no shortage of counselors out there to talk to about your relationship, Balance Mental Health Counseling stands out for a variety of reasons.

Led by June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor, Balance Mental Health Counseling works with all types of couples, re-connecting both sides and bringing them together on the same page to create a tighter bond and healthier dynamic.

It’s very easy for couples — especially those that have been together for a long period of time — to fall out of sync with each other and grapple with negative emotions. Our couples counseling in Round Rock TX is designed to clear the air and press the proverbial reset button on your relationship.


Turn to June Williams for Round Rock couples counseling

June is a great counselor to turn to for this important work. In fact, it’s vital that you work with someone that is proven and experienced in couples counseling in Round Rock TX. When you come to Balance Mental Health Counseling, you’ll be working with a counselor that is:

  • Experienced: June has been in this line of work for nearly a decade and she leverages these many years of experience to benefit you. She’ll be able to provide the perspective of someone who gets to peek in on hundreds of other relationships.
  • Passionate: This is something you should be looking for in a therapist — someone that is genuinely excited about their work and wants to help. With June, she will go the extra mile to ensure that couples get the counseling that they need to establish strong, lasting relationships.
  • Friendly: You have to be able to let your guard down when it comes time to talk about your relationship. June makes it easy with her positive personality paired with the inviting confines of our office.

Strengthen your relationship with the help of June Williams and our Round Rock couples counseling. The team at Balance Mental Health Counseling is standing by to hear from you.