New Braunfels Postpartum Counseling

If you are a new mother that recently gave birth and are struggling to process the many emotions that have overcome you in the ensuing weeks, then please don’t hesitate to connect with Balance Mental Health Counseling to learn about our New Braunfels postpartum counseling.

Our founder, June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor, specializes in working with mothers facing a variety of situations — from those going through fertility issues or preparing for the birth of a child to those that are struggling following the delivery of their new baby. Through June’s postpartum counseling in New Braunfels TX, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of what emotions you are feeling and why you are feeling them.


Do you need New Braunfels postpartum counseling?

The rule of thumb is quite simple — if you’re not feeling like yourself and are struggling emotionally, it never hurts to talk to someone. June Williams is proud to be that someone.

This is especially true if you are unable to shake the negative feelings that often come on the heels of giving birth to a new baby. As a mom, your body is undergoing major hormonal changes after the delivery, which can prompt some pretty volatile emotions.

Postpartum depression manifests itself in a variety of different ways, from doubting your abilities as a mother to feeling incredibly depressed, anxious and irritable. Generally, the solution to postpartum depression can be both physical and emotional.

While you should always turn to your primary care physician for your medical questions, June and the team at Balance Mental Health Counseling is here for you with our postpartum counseling in New Braunfels TX. Being able to have a sounding board to talk about your struggles can go a long way in shaking these negative emotions.


Thank you for choosing Balance Mental Health Counseling

June Williams is passionate about her work — and it shows. Thriving in this industry for a decade, she is ready to put her experience to work for you, helping you to get through the dark postpartum feelings. Connect with the team at Balance Mental Health Counseling and reap the benefits of New Braunfels postpartum counseling.