New Braunfels Marital Counseling

Are you looking for a trusted resource for New Braunfels marital counseling? It can sometimes be tough for people to sit down with a stranger and start divulging the most personal and intimate details of their life and marriage.

At Balance Mental Health Counseling, we recognize that is a big leap and we want to make it more comfortable for the patients that seek our services. Founder June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor and her staff are dedicated to providing marital counseling in New Braunfels TX that is:

  • Accessible to everyone. Marriage counseling isn’t reserved for just one class of people. Anyone that wants to strengthen their marriage should be able to consult with qualified therapists like the ones on our staff. That’s why we make this service easily accessible through flexible scheduling and reasonable rates. We want our New Braunfels marital counseling to fit into essentially any schedule or budget.
  • Private and judgement-free. Honesty and openness is crucial when it comes to marriage counseling — both sides need to be ready to bare it all. That takes a lot of courage, and Balance Mental Health Counseling creates a warm, inviting atmosphere in which to do so. Everything that we discuss in the counseling room stays in that room.
  • Constructive and helps you reach your marital goals. Our marital counseling in New Braunfels TX isn’t just a session where both sides can vent about their issues — although, that certainly is part of it. Together with our professionals, you can set goals in front of you and take steps to reach them. Ultimately, we want to get spouses back on the same page so that they feel like a team instead of at odds with each other.

We invite you to learn more about our New Braunfels marital counseling and how you can schedule sessions with June or another member of our team. Feel free to give us a call or connect with us online — we’re waiting to hear from you!