New Braunfels Couples Counseling

Welcome to Balance Mental Health Counseling, where we provide New Braunfels couples counseling that is designed to promote honest communication within your relationship.

Communication seems like such a simple, easy component to a relationship. All you have to do is talk to your partner on a regular basis, right? Well, it’s not quite that easy, and when communication breaks down within a relationship, it can lead to a variety of conflicts.

That’s why June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor is here to provide you with couples counseling in New Braunfels TX. June wants to bring back communication to your relationship so that you can gain an understanding of:

  • Why you feel the way that you do. Do you constantly feel frustrated? Or, maybe you feel like you’re stuck and hopeless. It can sometimes be tough to figure out exactly where those feelings originate from, but June will work with you to do so.
  • What conflicts are hurting your marriage. Sometimes, conflicts can be fairly obvious — maybe you and your partner argue about just about everything or your sex life is no longer existent. Through New Braunfels couples counseling, June will help you take an honest assessment of these conflicts and help you figure out how they might be avoided.
  • What you can do to promote a healthier relationship on an ongoing basis. All of your progress does not have to be made while you’re sitting at our office working through our couples counseling in New Braunfels TX. June wants to equip you and your significant other with the tools needed to constantly brush up on your relationship and build on whatever progress you are able to make alongside her.

June Williams works with all types of couples — new couples, those that are considering marriage and even long-time married couples. Relationships, no matter where they might be in their life cycle, require genuine effort from both sides.

June is ready to provide you with a safe, non-threatening avenue to dissect your relationship and find ways to strengthen it in many different ways. Relationships should be fulfilling and sustaining. If that’s not the case, connect with us right now for New Braunfels couples counseling.