Georgetown Family Therapists

Maintaining a strong family unit requires plenty of work, and the Georgetown family therapists here at Balance Mental Health Counseling are ready to work alongside you to put in that work.

We provide counseling for individuals, couples and, yes, also families. This means if you’re starting to notice issues crop up and negatively affect your family, we have family therapists in Georgetown TX to talk to.

Led by June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor, Balance Mental Health Counseling provides families with a judgement-free, safe and private venue in which to communicate with one another in hopes of getting on the same page and healing whatever rifts or disconnects might be present.


Could you benefit from speaking with Georgetown family therapists?

If we’re being honest with ourselves, talking with a trained therapist is always beneficial, whether you’re going through struggles in life or not. Being able to vent to someone that can provide you with insightful feedback is a great way to learn more about your feelings and how to process them.

Our family therapists in Georgetown TX apply this concept to our family counseling service, working with families of all walks of life to heal whatever divides them. Some signs that your family could use some counseling include:

  • Your family has experienced some sort of trauma, like the death of a family member, past abuse, incarcerated family members or a life-changing injury.
  • Issues communicating with one another. This is fairly common, but can also create a negative dynamic within your family. Communication is vital for families and for any other type of relationship.
  • Family members that are disengaged. Do one or two family members seem to keep themselves isolated from the rest of the family? Our family therapists in Georgetown TX can work with them, and the rest of the family, to re-engage each member.

June Williams and the other Georgetown family therapists on our team would be happy to help you schedule some sessions so you can galvanize your family. Let’s get to work together — connect with Balance Mental Health Counseling right now.