Cedar Park Postpartum Counseling

If you are looking for a resource for Cedar Park postpartum counseling, then we invite you to consult with June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor at Balance Mental Health Counseling.

June provides a wide range of counseling services, which include meeting with individuals, couples and new parents. These services include our postpartum counseling in Cedar Park TX, where June will provide one-on-one counseling with new mothers that are struggling with the physical and mental transition of having a baby.


Postpartum counseling in Cedar Park TX is accessible here at Balance

You probably have already heard about the “baby blues,” which is when a mother gives birth to a child and then goes through a brief period of depression as she adjusts to the fact that she no longer is carrying the baby all while her body makes necessary hormonal adjustments.

However, a period of depression and other difficult emotions can persist for weeks or even months. When that happens, it’s referred to as a postpartum mood disorder, and if left untreated, it can inflict a lot of emotional torment on a new mother.

June Williams does not let it come to that, providing Cedar Park postpartum counseling that helps new mothers work through these feelings and find a variety of supports that can help her start feeling more like herself.

June provides a flexible schedule that makes it easy for busy new mothers to get in and meet with her. She also provides a private, judgement-free, safe and comfortable environment in which new mothers have peace of mind as they talk about their internal struggles. It’s important to talk to someone in this situation, and June is standing at the ready.


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Bottling up your emotions and refusing to talk about them never leads to a good mental place. June is passionate about her work and enjoys conversing with men, women and children of all walks of life, helping them to process their emotions and take on stress and other issues.

Whether you’re looking for Cedar Park postpartum counseling, or general individual counseling, we want to hear from you. The team at Balance Mental Health Counseling is standing by to talk to you.