Cedar Park Individual Counseling

Welcome to Balance Mental Health Counseling, where founder June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor provides Cedar Park individual counseling for men and women that are going through a difficult or turbulent time in their lives.

Everyone can benefit from having someone to talk to. When you have something on your mind, how much better do you feel when you’re able to vent to someone close to you? This is proof that individual counseling in Cedar Park TX goes a long way.

In fact, June Williams is not just there for you to talk at. She’s an accomplished and experienced therapist that is ready to help you process the confusing emotions that you might be grappling with and provide you with objective insight into your conflicts. She wants to make sure you feel heard and have all the tools needed to sort through the emotions you’re experiencing.


Can I benefit from Cedar Park individual counseling?

Almost anyone can benefit from counseling, actually. Everyone faces trials and tribulations in their life. And, when they do, it’s easier to get through those trials when you have a support system in place and someone to help guide you.

That’s exactly what June and the team at Balance Mental Health Counseling does for you. June is here for you when you are:

  • Processing traumatic or painful life events. This might include the death of a loved one or a relationship that has fallen apart. Traumatic events can leave you reeling and June wants to help you pick up the pieces.
  • Making big life decisions. Marriage, whether or not to have kids, a new job, moving to a new location — life forces you to make many profound decisions and June will help you through the process. She can also help you get adjusted to any major changes in your life through our individual counseling in Cedar Park TX.
  • Learning about yourself. Self discovery is a bit of a lost art these days. When people take the time to understand what they’re feeling and why, it can lead to incredibly effective self reflection and action to correct what you might not like about yourself. June can embark with you on this journey through self discovery.

June is standing by to provide you with helpful and insightful Cedar Park individual counseling. Connect with her right now to get started.