Cedar Park Family Therapists

Welcome to Balance Mental Health Counseling, home to Cedar Park family therapists that are ready to work with you to restore harmony within your family unit.

In fact, Balance Mental Health Counseling is home to a variety of counseling services, designed to help individuals overcome the struggles that they are dealing with in their lives. These services include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Relationship counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Prenatal/postpartum counseling
  • Family counseling

Led by June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor, Balance Mental Health Counseling is home to a team of therapists that are extensively trained and highly experienced. They maintain a non-threatening, judgement-free environment in which you can talk about your personal struggles so that we can work together to help you find a resolution.

This includes our family therapists in Cedar Park TX, who are ready to work with you and your family members to determine what sort of issues you are up against, what might be causing those conflicts and then striving to overcome them.


Set goals with our Cedar Park family therapists

Therapy is more than just an opportunity to vent about your frustrations. You should always be working toward concrete goals. Along with our family therapists in Cedar Park TX, you can set some goals and take steps to get there.

Some of these goals might include:

  • Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries. A lot of conflict stems from moments when one family member oversteps their boundaries. Set boundaries in place to avoid these instances.
  • Facilitating consistent communication. Too often, families can experience a breakdown just because they don’t communicate effectively. June and her team will teach your family how to more effectively communicate.
  • Reducing conflict. Conflicts are going to arise in any family — it’s unavoidable. But, with the right techniques, you can minimize the severity of these conflicts.

What issues are your family facing? Divorce? Death of a family member? Instance of domestic violence? Work through it together with our Cedar Park family therapists. Balance Mental Health Counseling would love to hear from you and show you how to schedule your counseling sessions.