Cedar Park Couples Counseling

Strong, healthy relationships take substantial work, and you can make strides to achieve this dynamic by connecting with Balance Mental Health Counseling and asking about our Cedar Park couples counseling.

Our founder, June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor, specializes in working with all types of couples, exploring the anatomy of their relationship, highlighting potential problems points and equipping each side with knowledge and tools to handle conflict.


Are you looking for couples counseling in Cedar Park TX?

No matter who you are, we can guarantee one thing: You’re going to run into some form of conflict within your relationship eventually. You can either ignore and hope that it goes away (it won’t), or you can seek out Cedar Park couples counseling to address these issues head-on.

June often works with couples that have become disconnected and generally lack that spark that they once had. This is a common issue but you can take steps to fix it or be proactive and work to avoid it all together.

If you are experiencing some of the following dynamics in your relationship, it wouldn’t hurt to sit down with June for some honest and effective couples counseling in Cedar Park TX.

  • Constant arguing. Of course everyone is going to argue at some point, but many couples will find themselves blowing seemingly benign issues out of proportion and arguing about almost anything.
  • A clear lack of romanticism. Is the spark gone? Many couples report that they feel more like roommates than lovers. Through our couples counseling in Cedar Park TX, June will teach you ways to reconnect with one another and bring passion back into the mix.
  • Constant frustration. Do you feel like your relationship is stuck and going nowhere? This is another fairly common feeling and sometimes, you can fix it with a little old-fashioned communication. June will provide a judgement-free, safe forum for couples to hash out their differences and speak their minds.

June Williams is passionate about her work and it shows. She takes genuine pleasure in helping couples strengthen their relationships. You can, too. Connect with Balance Mental Health Counseling right now and let’s talk about our Cedar Park couples counseling together.