Austin Relationship Counseling

Welcome to Balance Mental Health Counseling, where we work with couples of all walks of life, providing them with meaningful Austin relationship counseling to help them forge deeper connections and an overall more meaningful relationship.

Balance Mental Health Counseling is led by June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor. June works with couples that are in varying phases of their relationships — from premarital counseling to working with partners that have been together for decades.

Balance Mental Health Counseling works to break through the negative stigma that is often tied with relationship counseling. Relationship counseling in Austin TX is not reserved for couples that have poor relationships. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

By proactively working to address existing and potential issues in a relationship, you are able to forge a stronger, happier and more fulfilling relationship. A healthy relationship takes work and June will show you the road map.


Address common relational issues through our Austin relationship counseling

As men and women move through the natural progression of a relationship, they are going to encounter some relatively common problems. That’s why relationship counseling in Austin TX is such an important resource.

Through moderated discussion with June, couples are able to address:

  • Fights that originate over small issues
  • General disconnect and miscommunication
  • Constant frustration
  • Feeling like roommates instead of intimate partners

Do any of these sound familiar? It’s ok if you have experienced these in your own relationship. You can take action to trace the root cause of such issues and find ways to overcome them. With the help of June and her Austin relationship counseling program, you can turn back the clock on your relationship before complacency crept in.


Consult with June and learn more about Balance Mental Health Counseling

Taking the steps to talk to someone about this very private issue can be intimidating. June invites you to consult with her to learn more about her brand of Austin relationship counseling. She can field any questions or concerns you might have and explain the many ways it can benefit your relationship. Connect with her right now via phone, email or the contact form found here on our website.