Austin Postpartum Counseling

Welcome to Balance Mental Health Counseling, where we serve both expectant and new mothers with powerful resources like our Austin postpartum counseling services.

Having a child is one of the most profound changes that can happen in your life. Naturally, this sort of event is going to be accompanied by a lot of different emotions and changes to your everyday life. Why try to process those emotions and changes on your own when you can connect with an experienced counselor to assist you?

June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor is the founder of Balance Mental Health Counseling, and she is standing by, ready to provide you with prenatal and postpartum counseling in Austin TX that will prove effective in preparing you for motherhood.


Get insightful help from a leading counselor

June is passionate about her work, and here at Balance Mental Health Counseling, she meets with a wide range of clients. Not only does she provide Austin postpartum counseling, but her counseling services extend far beyond that, from individual counseling to couples counseling.

However, the work that she performs with mothers and fathers is an important piece of what she does, providing help in a few different ways.

  • Fertility support – When a family decides they want to expand but it’s not going the way they planned the stress can be intense. Parents often feel shame and exhaustion with fertility challenges. June Williams MA, LPC can help unpack this struggle and find tools to cope.
  • Postpartum counseling in Austin TX: Not only can it be stressful to have a new baby around, but for mothers, they are also undergoing major shifts in hormones within their bodies. This can lead to feelings of depression or other emotions they don’t quite understand. June is here to help you through this time and will provide you with everything you need to handle this situation while being there for your new baby.

To show up as the best version of you, sometimes you’ll need resources outside yourself. June Williams and the team at Balance Mental Health Counseling are ready to help you do that. Connect with our team and learn more about our Austin postpartum counseling and other services.