Austin Marriage Counseling

Balance Mental Health Counseling is proud to provide members of the local community with Austin marriage counseling designed to strengthen marriages and make them fulfilling for both members.

Creating and sustaining a healthy, strong marriage requires a lot of work. It does not just happen by accident. More and more men and women are becoming receptive to the idea of marriage counseling in Austin TX, knowing that it is an effective resource for avoiding conflict and complacency in a marriage.

June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor is our founder, and she brings her nearly decade of knowledge and expertise to our Austin marriage counseling. June will create a non-threatening, judgement-free environment in which couples are able to closely communicate about the personal and intimate dynamics of their relationship.

Through this honest form of vulnerable communication, couples are able to identify the conflicts that are plaguing their relationships, trace the cause of those conflicts, highlight negative feelings and learn strategies in which to grow and strengthen a relationship on an ongoing basis.


Explore our marriage counseling in Austin TX

When it comes to couples counseling, Balance Mental Health Counseling provides two different curriculums, including:

  • Couples Restart: Just about every relationship starts on a high note — most couples recognize it as their best years. What if you could turn back the clock on your marriage to return to those times? June wants to work with you through Austin marriage counseling to restore that dynamic to your relationship — when your love was fresh, new and exciting.
  • Getting Back to Easy — Couples Intensive Curriculum: If your marriage is feeling taxing on your emotions and mental health, then you need help — and you need it in a hurry. This is a more intensive program that helps couples right the ship on their relationship before it goes too far off track. This is a suitable program for couples that find themselves in dire straits.

Our Austin marriage counseling is effective because June has a passion for this work and nearly a decade of experience working with all different types of couples. She’s ready to leverage this knowledge and experience to benefit your marriage. Get started now by connecting with us over the phone or through our online contact form.