Austin Individual Counseling

Welcome to Balance Mental Health Counseling, where June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor and her team are proud to serve as a support system to members of our local community via our Austin individual counseling services.

Too many people allow themselves to be tormented by their negative emotions and life struggles without saying anything to anyone. They tend to bottle up these feelings until it ultimately leads to negative consequences. You don’t have to do that — Balance Mental Health Counseling is here to provide you with resources you need to overcome these challenges.


Have you considered individual counseling in Austin TX?

Over time — and especially as of late — society has slowly come to focus on the importance of mental health. Men and women should no longer fear the stigma that used to be attached to counseling. It is now considered a highly effective way to diagnose and address the mental health challenges that you are currently facing.

Whether you have been already considering Austin individual counseling, or you’ve been going through a tough time and are desperate for any sort of relief, Balance Mental Health Counseling welcomes you to visit our office and meet with a member of our staff.

By working through your struggles with June Williams or a member of her team, you can empower yourself and enhance the quality of your life. Burying your feelings and ignoring them, on the other hand, can lead to unfortunate consequences such as:

  • Trouble maintaining employment
  • Increased risk for certain health ailments
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Disconnection in relationships
  • Self harm or suicide

It’s time to stop trying to take on these big, complex emotional issues on your own. June Williams and the team at Balance Mental Health Counseling wants to work with you to find relief through our individual counseling in Austin TX.


Connect with Balance Mental Health Counseling

Call us any time — we want to have a conversation with you about your mental health needs and how we can benefit you through our Austin individual counseling services. Our team is standing by to hear from you.