Austin Family Therapists

If emotional, psychological or behavioral issues are causing problems in your family’s relationship, then we invite you to connect with the Austin family therapists on staff here at Balance Mental Health Counseling.

Led by June Williams MA, LPC Supervisor, Balance Mental Health Counseling will provide you and your family with the resources needed to address pressing issues head-on, working to both process and overcome them so that they won’t stand in the way of a fulfilling family relationship.

At Balance Mental Health Counseling, our family therapists in Austin TX are dedicated to helping our patients reach their goals. We maintain a safe, judgement-free avenue in which family members can talk with each other about their personal issues. Facilitated by June or a member of her staff, we will provide objective, third-party insight that can help throughout this process, as well.


Experience the benefits of working with our Austin family therapists

Like with any other relationship, families can also experience a general disconnect between its members. Communication is always important in situations like this, but too often, families struggle at communicating with one another.

By working with Balance Mental Health Counseling and our family therapists in Austin TX, you have an opportunity to communicate with family members and get on the same page with them. By working alongside family members, you can reap a variety of benefits, including:

  • Developing boundaries — and sticking to them
  • Establishing more effective communication
  • The ability to problem solve together
  • Properly addressing dysfunction within the family
  • Defining roles of each family member

June Williams and her team are highly trained and experienced in working with both individuals and groups. They will provide not only effective counseling sessions but also equip your family with knowledge, tools and information needed to continually work on your family relationship as you move forward.

Our Austin family therapists are available to work with you. Connect with Balance Mental Health Counseling to get started. We’d love to talk to you more about our family counseling program and the many other forms of counseling that we offer.