Austin Couples Counseling

Deep-rooted relationships and connections don’t just happen by accident, which is why Balance Mental Health Counseling and our Austin couples counseling services are readily available for anyone who needs them.

Whether you’re in a relationship with a significant other who you plan to marry one day, or you’ve been married for decades and are worried that the spark that was once there has since extinguished, June Williams, MA, LPC Supervisor is ready to help you!

With her practice, June provides a variety of resources for couples, offering a brand of counseling that effectively meets you at your respective stage in life. The following are a couple forms of couples counseling in Austin TX and who might benefit from them.

  • Couples Restart: Don’t you often wish that you could go back in time on your relationship and relive those moments where love seemed new and abundant? Through our Austin couples counseling, you can capture that experience with our Couples Restart Program. This is where June works with clients to re-create their marriage, busting through the residue that might have settled on an older marriage that makes it difficult for couples to truly connect.
  • Getting Back to Easy – online curriculum: Many couples find their relationship in dire straights and in need of urgent correction. June has developed an intensive program for couples that help them address their most pressing issues — from feeling like roommates to fighting about even the simplest, most benign things. This couples counseling in Austin TX is a way to right the course on your relationship before it gets any worse.

It’s natural for any couple to encounter issues in their relationship. Complacency is very common in relationships — when you get comfortable with your significant other, you might feel like you’re all done with the hard work. But, as countless couples have found after utilizing our couples counseling in Austin TX, a strong relationship requires regular effort.


Consult with June Williams about your needs

Start the conversation — see if Austin couples counseling might be an appropriate route for you and your significant other. June is standing by to talk to you. Connect with her by calling (512) 200-2956, or reach out via email or through the contact form online.